Marionnet from scratch


The script marionnet_from_scratch automatically downloads, compiles and install Marionnet and its dependencies. It's the easiest way of installing the latest version of Marionnet on your machine, and we particularly recommend it to beginners.


Marionnet requires a GNU/Linux system, with a x86 or x86_64 processor (if you don't know the type of your processor don't worry: it's one of these two), to which you have access as root. A machine with 512Mb of RAM should be enough. Of course you will need an Internet connection for downloading.

Any GNU/Linux distribution should work, but we have mostly tested on debian, ubuntu and gentoo; on debian-like distributions the script can also install some packages rather than compiling from sources (asking for permission before).

Disk space

You currently need about 1Gb of free disk space per filesystem image, in case you choose to download the biggest ones; a lot less if you only choose minimal images (Guignol). Marionnet itself and its dependencies should take less than 100Mb. You will need around 500Mb more at compile time; of course that additional space is automatically freed after installation.

What to do

You can download the script from the address marionnet_from_scratch (save As… marionnet_from_scratch). It comes with a README file. You should start by reading that and following the instructions.

Essentially, in order to install Marionnet (by default into /usr/local), you will need to download the script, and then execute:

chmod +x marionnet_from_scratch 

In case you need help with command-line options:

marionnet_from_scratch --help

If anything fails

The script has been developed quite carefully, but it might still have some problems; please contact us on Launchpad if you find any bug.

Please also remember that some parts of the script require superuser privileges, and may have security implications. There is no warranty.