We are deeply grateful to other free software projects for many good-quality components we have reused, helping to make Marionnet what it is now and to make it a pleasure to develop for us; Marionnet is part of our contribution, still unworthy, back to the community.

We wish to thank Jeff Dike for User Mode Linux (UML), Renzo Davoli for Virtual Distributed Ethernet (VDE), the Graphviz team, the authors of OCaml and of course the whole free software community, whose foremost contributors remain the GNU and Linux projects.

Davide Vaghetti taught us to set up Quagga-based virtual routers. Thierry Hamon helped debugging an early prototype and gave us useful suggestions. Joseph Cerrato, Christophe Fouqueré and Christian Lafont encouraged us when we needed it and solved many otherwise unsolvable administrative problems.

Silviu Barsanu designed our beautiful logo; Perfect produced icons for Marionnet, covers and desktop wallpapers for the DVD.

Université Paris 13 supported us while we were working on Marionnet by financing it as an e-learning project. Further support was provided by the IUT of Villetaneuse and Institut Galilée. LIPN provided us with computing devices, Internet connection, and a very enjoyable environment where to live and work.